Monday, April 7, 2008

Carlyle wants back in!

What do you do immediately following an incredibly embarrassing blowout of one of your funds? Raise a new one! Carlyle announced it has raised $1.35 billion for a distressed debt fund. I can't imagine being the tool at Carlyle tasked with calling all the investors to say "yes, yes, I know, you're never gonna see that money again. But have I got a deal for you today!" Wouldn't you just hang up the phone? But no, someone with money to burn said "Here, take $1.35 billion! Go buy back all that debt you had to puke to meet margin calls! We'll make it back! I know we will!" I'm not saying I wouldn't give $1.35 billion to a distressed debt fund. It's probably a great idea right now. I'm just saying I wouldn't give it to the guys who just BLEW OUT LAST MONTH! I'd give it to Paulson. Or Warren Buffet. But Carlyle? No.

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