Wednesday, March 26, 2008

For Those With a Strong Stomach...

When do I ever talk about tech? It's hard to talk about tech when financials seem to be the focus of the market. However, something interesting is brewing in RMBS, the owner of a bunch of patents on DRAM technology. That is all I profess to know about the company or DRAM technology. Rambus is always in litigation defending those patents, which makes the stock and options ridiculously volatile and interesting to trade. The latest case, which is a lawsuit by three memory makers, Micron, Hynix, and Nanya has apparently gone to jury. Traders of the stock and options like Rambus' chances of winning, as the stock has been bid up. How much upside the stock has on a victory is, well, dependent on the mood of the market. If this were 2000, the stock would go up $100 (as it frequently did on a daily basis in 2000), but seeing as this is 2008, maybe 25%? Anyone with a better guess is welcome to post.

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