Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Moody's Not Crazy Bout JP Morgan's $20 Billion Bridge Loan

Amidst all the cheering and hullabaloo over AT&T's proposed $39 billion bid to acquire Deutsche Telecom, a few sober credit folks over at Moody's would like to point out something in passing. Nothing major really, just the fact that JP Morgan is giving AT&T a $20 billion bridge loan to finance the acquisition. Certainly $20 billion is chump change, but despite the Fed's proclivity for spending trillions on mortgage and treasuries, it still hasn't stooped to buying bridge loans for large Telecom mergers in the event that no buyers turn up to buy the debt. Then again, earthquakes, tsunami's, nuclear reactor meltdowns, middle east unrest, nor the implosion of parts of the EU is going to stop this market from loving debt issued by anybody to finance anything. In any event, it's really great to see AT&T turning itself into an enormous crappy monopoly again. After all, the government is going to need something to break up in a couple of years. As long as the investment bankers keep getting paid, everybody's happy.


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