Monday, March 14, 2011

Japanese Tsunami Wrecks Markets

US equities rallied marginally on Friday despite the devastating 8.9 earthquake/tsunami combo that struck Japan. After having the weekend to think it over, and watching the Nikkei plunge 6%, investors have reconsidered. Lately, it seems like equities can seem to talk themselves into rallying no matter what the headlines. It's like they read the news in their sleep and bought stocks out of habit. Hmmm.... Yawn, a natural disaster that cripples one of our largest economies and brings the Japanese to the brink of a nuclear disaster? No biggie. Price of oil is down, that's great for us, keeps inflation in check. Right? Goldilocks economy. Give some money to the Red Cross. Buy more stocks. A couple of nuclear power plant explosions, a few fuel rod fusions later and the news seems, well, maybe not so bullish anymore. Suddenly, things like the announcement of Berkshire Hathaway's intent to buy Lubrizol for $10 billion, which would've sent stocks into a euphoric lather a few weeks ago, seem pretty insignificant when compared to the aftermath of the Japanese tragedy. Is logic and reason returning to the markets?

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