Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What Kind of Sell-Off is This?

So is this the Middle-East-is-having-trouble-working-out-some-democracy-issues sell-off? Or the NAR-has-been-overestimating-home-sales + home-prices-are-still-falling + interest-rates-going-higher sell-off? Or OMG-the-Fed-is-going-to-stop-buying-the-market-in-June sell-off? Perhaps the-market-has-gone-straight-up-for-2000-points, maybe-wise-to-take-a-breather sell-off? In any event, if you were starting to wonder when on earth would've been a good day to finally initiate your short in Netflix? You should've done it on Friday.

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sfvrealestate said...

You forgot the Oh-boy-the-Oscars-are-on-Sunday-night sell off. That's big for us here in L.A.