Monday, February 14, 2011

The Budget and Zynga

The White House put out its budgetary needs for the 2011 fiscal year. Projections call for a $1.65 trillion deficit, which doesn't surprise me much. This is what happens when you spend like crazy, don't raise taxes, and finance it all buy selling yourself debt. The good news is that the White House is terrible at projections, so maybe, just maybe, it's overestimated the big black hole we're in and we still have some shot of getting out before the rioting begins.

Speaking of crazy amounts of money, the valuation explosion in social networking sites continues unabated. Zynga is wooing potential investors in an attempt to raise $250 million in new funding, which would value the three-year-old start-up at between $7 to $9 billion. Way back in April, the company was only valued at around $4 billion. But then, Facebook was a puny start-up with a mere $20 billion valuation. Whether any of these valuations fulfill investor's expectations is anybody's guess, at least until somebody goes public and we get some financials and see some real trading Gotta take advantage of the ability to raise gobs of money without having to reveal financials. But venture capitalists are certainly itching to cash out after many years of lackluster returns in the industry. Employees too want their cars, jewels, and houses. It's hard to keep a lid on that so we're gonna see some awesome IPO action.


HKraig said...

Great to have you back in the Blog universe and please keep any future haitus brief! Thanks again for all the hard work and insight.

Judy Graff said...

I love your snarky writing style!