Thursday, November 5, 2009

Productivity, Jobs and the Fed


g said...


Why is there no news regarding GS's CDSs on CIT's failure?

Isn't this AIG part II???


Mike said...

The Fed has done a terrible job at managing asset bubbles, and I think the fact that gold has risen so much is a strong indicator of the lack of faith in the Fed and the entire debt-ridden financial system. so that's why I still feel that one of the only ways for people to protect themselves from the Fed's misguided policies is to invest in the gold sector. one of my favorite junior gold mining companies, San Gold recently announced record revenue and its first ever quarterly operating profit. The stock has done particularly well in 2009 due in part to making some excellent discoveries at the Rice Lake gold mine in Canada, and because I am still long term bullish on the gold price, I think the stock has much more room to run to go on the upside.